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We offer you the best prices on Archery products. Our enthusiastic and well-trained staff is available to assist with all of your needs.


Can't find what you want? We'll stop what we are doing and assist with what you're looking for. We will place a special order for the item you're after if we cannot find it anywhere in our inventory.


We stand behind our products because we use them too! That's why we’re the best place in town to come to for advice - from one archer to another.



We are also in partner with JSO Enterprises in Hilo, Hawaii. Contact Jeff at JSO at 808-936-6181 and he will be glad to assist!

How to get a hold of us:                 By Phone only     808-342-7111

Everything Archery 



The retail shop and range has been closed.


Please call if you have any questions.


Ph: 808 342-7111



What's New?

New Outdoor and Range products

Check out our unrivaled performance gear for outdoor and range shooting. Let the experts at EAHawaii help you find what's best for your Archery needs!



Vegas Style 3-spot 

5 Spot

3 spot Vertical

Animal paper targets NFAA style 2D

Expanded Website!

Learn about our new product lines and read our exciting announcements online.