50th State Archery Club is the official Junior Olympic Program in Hawaii!

National Champions:

2016 - Samantha Lum 

2018 - Nicole Turina

2019 - Nicole Turina, Rylie Tateyama


World FITA Champions:

2016 & 2020 - Samantha Lum

2016, 2018,& 2019 - Nicole Turina


Top 10 National finishers:

2016 - Julia Hutchinson; Grace Lum, Madison Rubio

2017 - Samantha Lum; Grace Lum, Madison Rubio, Rylie Tateyama

2018 - Samantha Lum, Grace Lum, Madison Rubio, Rylie Tateyama, Julia Hutchison, Micah Silva

2019 - Samantha Lum, Grace Lum, Madison Rubio, Sage Tesoro, Micah Silva

2020 - Grace Lum, Rylie Tateyama, Madison Rubio, Kenji Lim


Olympic Trials

2018 - World Collegiate Championships in Chinese Taipei - Nicole Turina 

2019 - 2020 - Nicole Turina

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Hunting Shafts:

Gold Tip Expedition Hunter, GT Expedition hunter XT

V-Force, V-Force HV, VAP - Victory Armour Piercing (see video) - Add a Stainless Steel outsert and feel the punch power!!!!!!!!!!





How to get a hold of us:                 By Phone only     808-342-7111

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